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Progressive Billing

Progressive Billing

Enhance your billing efficiency with Cienapps’ progressive billing feature, designed to align invoicing with project progression. Key aspects include:

  • Progressive Billing: Invoice projects based on completion level.
  • ¬†Module Activation: Requires progressive billing module, no extra employee permissions.
  • Order Form: Columns for billed amount per line and remaining amount.
  • Billing Options:
    1. Bill remaining order amounts.
    2. Bill a percentage of selected line amounts (default 100%, adjustable between 0.01% and 100%).
  • Invoice Creation: Adjusts line totals based on chosen percentage, reflected in order’s ‘Billed’ column.
  • Invoice Adjustments: Crediting an invoice updates billed amounts and the status of fully billed products.


Progressive Billing


Progressive billing allows for invoicing a project in proportion to its progress. Thus, it’s possible to invoice an order based on a percentage rather than the totality of unbilled lines.

Module and Permissions:

Ensure the progressive billing module is activated. No additional permissions are needed for employee grids.

Order Form:

Two columns are added to view the billed amount per line and the remaining amount. The “Fact.” box is checked when the “Billed” amount equals the total line amount.

Progressive Billing Window:

Two options are available:

  1. Invoice the remaining amounts of the order.
  2. Invoice a percentage of the remaining amount of selected lines.

If no line is selected, option two will invoice all lines with remaining amounts. You can enter a billing percentage, defaulting to 100% and ranging from 0.01% to 100%. If limits are exceeded, it defaults to 100% with a warning message.

The “Validate” button continues invoice creation with the selected amount.


The invoice is created with selected lines, adjusted according to the chosen percentage. Line totals are added to the “Billed” column in the order.

Invoice Table:

When crediting an invoice, the amount is deducted from the “Billed” column and added to the “Remaining” column in the order. If a product was fully billed, the “Fact.” box in the order form is unchecked.