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Document Sub Tab

Document Sub Tab

Elevate your document management with Cienapps, now on WooCommerce. This versatile tool is designed to optimize your document organization with up to 10 customizable main tabs and 10 sub-tabs, each easily configurable from the general settings.

Key Features:

1. Customizable Tabs and Sub-tabs: Configure up to 10 main tabs and 10 sub-tabs to suit your organizational needs. Personalize each tab’s title for easy navigation.

2. Accessible Configuration: Utilize the user-friendly toolbox in the configuration sheet to effortlessly structure your folder layout.

3. Versatile Access Points: Seamlessly integrate document tabs within various operational windows like Orders, Work Orders, Submissions, Invoices, and even within automatic tasks and calendar tooltips.

4. Permission-Based Accessibility: Secure your documents with a permission grid, ensuring users access only what they need.

5. Ciemobile Integration: Classify and access your documents in Ciemobile, reflecting your Cienapps document configuration for on-the-go management.

Streamline and secure your document management with Cienapps, a perfect addition to your WooCommerce offerings. Say goodbye to cluttered documents and hello to organized efficiency!


Document Sub Tab


Cienapps offers you the possibility to add up to 10 document tabs each has 10 sub-tabs whose title is configurable from the general configuration window.

To do this, you must activate the Sub-tab document module

In the configuration sheet there is an accessible toolbox that allows you to define the folder structure (maximum 10 main tabs and 10 sub-tabs).

It is also possible to access these tabs from several windows:


·        Work order

·        Submission

·        Invoice

·       In an automatic task to the processor

·        In the planning tooltip, in a calendar

Permission related to document tabs

It will be possible to your tabs and sub-tabs of documents according to the permission grid linked to your user.

Ciemobile :

The Sub-tab document module allows you to classify documents in Ciemobile according to your document configuration in Cienapps.

-There is a level with the titles of the main tabs

-Once we click on the title, the sub tabs will appear with the related documents.