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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the most frequently asked questions about our apps and prototypes for Cienapps ERP

Installing apps from the Cienapps App Store is straightforward. Once you’ve found an app you’re interested in, click on it to view more details. If the app suits your needs, simply click the ‘Install’ or ‘Add to Cienapps’ button. The app will integrate seamlessly with your existing Cienapps system. For specific installation instructions, each app comes with a detailed guide to assist you.
The apps in the Cienapps App Store are designed to integrate with the Cienapps ERP system. If you’re not currently using Cienapps ERP, you’ll need to subscribe to our service to take full advantage of these specialized apps. For more information on getting started with Cienapps ERP, please visit our [Getting Started] page.
Yes, the Cienapps App Store offers a variety of apps, including free ones. You can easily filter your search to show free apps or browse through the categories to find them. Keep in mind that while some apps are entirely free, others might offer basic functions for free with premium features available at an additional cost.
We provide comprehensive support for all apps available in the Cienapps App Store. If you encounter any issues or have questions about an app, you can contact our support team through the app’s detail page. Additionally, many apps come with their own dedicated support provided by the app developers. For general inquiries, you can also visit our Support Center or contact us directly at support@cienapps.com.